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'Singapore's Premiere DJ School and One Stop Shop for all your DJ Solutions' Recently Branched out to Sri Lanka

DJSENTER is a cutting-edge artistic development company. A one stop shop for all your DJ needs. We provide DJs / Producers with holistic forward-thinking management services. An Agency to depend on, An Academy to Learn from, Marketing & Promotion training, A Place to buy & sell your Gear and enhancement of your product knowledge, we do it all.

As the industry rapidly upgrades their equipment, DJs are expected to be technically well-versed. In addition to the teaching of the technical know how on how to use the newer equipments, DJSENTER will also offer you hands on training on DJing and Music Production lessons. 

As an Agency which promotes talent, we have initiated our training programs to enhance DJs of all levels, from beginners to advanced, with our top instructors conducting the seminars and workshops. DJSENTER will adopt many of our own students into our agency and promote the talented artistes on a professional platform. 

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